and managing to cope with reality

Yeeey! I did it, I did it! After a long time of being grateful for so many things, just as a response to my frustration and as a mean to overcome all the bad feelings, I realized that  I finally did cope with reality and it’s not even that bad to accept it. O.k., it might be a little far fetched…it’s still hard to accept some things and it’s still hard to make my heart follow my brain like a little (or bigger) dog! But still, it’s not impossible and most of all it’s doable.

No, there’s no way I can be talking about real, passionate and relationship-related feelings 😀

This would be far-fetched!

I was talking about:

going to the dentist, which I hadn’t if there wouldn’t have been trouble in paradise – a.k.a. mouth 😉 – and toothaches and not being able to eat and a lot of other external factors which I’m not sure why managed to stop me from doing this since a long time now. There was definitely the fear that played a definite role in making me try to always find an excuse for not going to the “tooth carpenter” (seen it somewhere and liked it sooo much, that I intent to use the term that way from now on). I always told myself that I do not have teeth issues, so why go see a dentist? The truth is, I didn’t know what teeth pain was, until a few days ago. After seeing that they wouldn’t go away, my fear intensified and I started panicking. I’s odd though, how we decide to handle or not to handle our problems depending on beliefs, bad experiences or even the lack of such experiences in my case. This blog was a real bomb to me. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

And fellows, do get yourselves some courage and motivation and see the dentist once in a while, even if you “don’t have problems with your teeth”. You’ll be amazed of what you might find out. (oh, I feel so much smarter now… :p after finding this and after a little research, I think this version is the most suitable).