Feels like…


and wishful thinking

I was wondering this morning, if I were able to overcome my fears in a few years, take my Irma by the hand and really start traveling and start living my life. I have had the most funny, crazy, hilarious a.s.o. thoughts and I finally decided: I will do it! I want to do it! Because, let’s be serious, as long as I am o.k. and as long as I manage to make her feel that getting to know other cultures shall be of a real benefit to her in the future, without of course underestimating or abandoning school, it shall indeed be for her best and in my best interest to do this. By the time she goes to school, she will speak English, German, Dutch and French (it’s gonna be kind of hard with the Dutch and French, since these two are passive languages for me. But hey, maybe I will decide for a year or so in the Netherlands, thus killing two birds with one stone)  and of course Romanian 🙂

And…to my defense, this article also made me think I’m not the only “crazy” parent in the World 🙂