here I come

or better said, next year I come!

And again, inspired by Bucket List Publications, I’ve decided to take my time and come up with a bucket list for 2012-2013 (since I started it late September, it will be September 2012 – September 2013 a.s.o.)

Concluding what I have already planned and not made public yet, my bucket list shall look something like this:


1. very very very busy working  :)) (maybe weekends though – will add these days)

Starting: now

Ending: November, 20th

2. Croatia and its beautiful landscapes (this is worth seeing)

– I first said, I’d go to Split only, but then I’ve changed my mind! Why not see more? Two weeks shall be enough to see something 🙂 This journey will be my first since many years.

Starting: November, 25th 2012

Ending: December, 10th 2012

3. Winter holidays (read here) – Tuşnad

Starting: December, 21th

Ending: depending 🙂

4. Bolivia – Just look at these beauties!

Starting: February, 10th

Ending: February, 25th

5. Easter – I want to go here

This is somehow what I imagined until now.

Tomorrow I shall add nearby places on my schedule 🙂

Any ideas?