People are somehow frightening at times. They try to emphasize their beliefs and feelings, without thinking even a little bit about what their impact on others might be. At times, although we know for sure that our actions would lead us and implicitly the others to a sort of endless string to be held on, we still say, do and think stuff which we know need not be said, did or thought. It’s human nature, some would say. But human nature is most of the times irrational in its so called rationality and based on an intrinsic value which slowly drives us round the bend.

What is it that we really want to achieve? What do the beauties in the middle of which we live mean to us? What should or shouldn’t be done, said, implied etc. so that all can be themselves for a lifetime?

Starting to be yourself again feels incredibly relieving and good. It brings you that inner peace that we all crave for many times.