a. the best day for science in a long time now 🙂

b. the day that made me realize how precious all the moments spent with my daughter are

c. the day when I want to listen to this and this

d. the day when I would have liked it to be here

simply today and I enjoy it as much as I can!

When I woke up this morning, the sun was already shining from somewhere between the clouds. Its beams were sitting gentle on my pillow, trying to reach out for my face. I opened my eyes and saw them. Only reflections of what they could have become had it been for a warmer day without so many clouds on the sky. I said “good morning”. I couldn’t help it not to say anything. I said it once again, this time aloud. I went to the other room, where my little precious princess was still sleeping. The sunbeams were already playing jolly on her eyes. “Let’s make a coffee”, the nanny says. Five minutes later, we sit in the kitchen and drink our hot, good smelling coffees. Ten minutes later I rush off to work. The sun is still shining and I feel good.