Inspired by

1. Bucket List Publications


Happy happy, joy joy!

I remembered, reading Lesley’s Bucket List Publications, that I have a very good friend who lives in Split, Croatia, who is telling me for years now to go and visit her and who is a scuba diving instructor.

We used to translate scuba diving manuals for a local scuba diving center a few years ago. Ok, more than a few years ago. She decided to actually take the necessary steps and follow this dream of diving all day long, I decided to emerge, victorious, I back then said to myself, and follow my dream of first having a family and then do what I wanted.

Now I am aware of the fact that this was only nonsense. Not following a part of you, which tells you that you are special in a way that your beloved one does not seem to see or to understand and deciding to compromise your mental-health as well as your otherwise reasonable way to see things in life is a complete nonsense and I would discourage everybody from doing so.


So, project for this winter: visit Alina and Vladimir in Split. Take Irma (2 year-old daughter) with you, it will be fun!   Then repeat during spring 😀